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Art therapy uses the means of visual design and communication.

The client can express themself figuratively or abstractly by means of line, form, colour, surface, structure. They can tell stories, capture moods, express feelings or create symbolic representations, express his inner images or deal with external reality, create freely and spontaneously or work on a set task, visualise experiences and problems, work out and try out solutions in and through the creative process.

Visual works are lasting traces of a mental and physical process and can thus document a development over a longer period of time making it accessible for contemplation. Talking and reflecting on this process and the product enables one to become more aware of one's own conflicts and resources, to discover new perspectives and possible solutions.


In its receptive form, i.e. art contemplation, which is often combined with subsequent action, art therapy uses the intensive confrontation with works of art as a catalyst for one's own feelings and perceptions.

 Art therapy 

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